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On behalf of my colleague, National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita,

and our entire team, many thanks for your support. Our passion is telling great stories.

In this case, two of history’s most epic stories. As the saying goes,

“A picture says 1000 words. And a story says 1000 pictures.”

By collecting our DVDs and books, your support allows us to take you on a journey

through time, as Michael traces the footsteps of two of the World's Greatest Explorers --

“Marco Polo" and "Zheng He."

First, Marco Polo: Was this Venetian merchant the World's Greatest Overland Explorer -

or the Biggest Liar? Did he truly make it from Italy to China?

And second, Zheng He: How did China’s Greatest Admiral rise

to the Commander of the World's Largest Armada of ships, then fall

when his Treasure Fleet suddenly vanished because of a colossal mistake.


We’d love to hear from you. Please share with us your own insights about Marco Polo

and Zheng He. We also welcome inquiries and partnerships related to broadcast licensing

of our films, sponsorship and advertising, as well as future co-productions.

Safe travels on your own journeys. And warmest regards.

Farland Chang

Executive Producer


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